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Automotive Lighting

Since LEDs are waterproof, we light anything from the bed of your truck, to the interior of your car. We can also upgrade your Headlights to HID's or LED's.

land rover

HID and LED Headlights

LED headlights can be spectacular add-ons to any vehicle. They improved visibility and enhance peripheral vision to make your night time driving experiences easier. The brighter lighting and custom color options that are certain to impress, you'll be more than satisfied with the results you get from xenon lighting upgrades.

For better on-road safety, HID lights can't be beat. HIDs provide sharper color contrast than conventional halogen headlights, making it easier for you to discern between actual obstacles and negligible risks. HID light also more effectively reflects off of official road signs and markers, so you're always aware of changing road conditions. 

Xenon lights also offer upgraded efficiency and durability. HID and LED headlights can last up to 10x longer than stock halogens. HIDs consume around 30% less battery power than conventional headlights. Xenon bulbs don't contain sensitive interior filaments, so they are much more resilient than standard bulbs.

HID lights can be customized by color. You can go with bright whites, vivid purples or dramatic blues. The intensity of the light output does not change depending on what color you choose. You'll get strong, impressive headlights no matter what color you go with.


Improve the style and effectiveness of your vehicle's headlights with HIDs or LEDs.

LEDs cost more than HIDs or halogens at first, but over time this pays for itself in lower maintenance and fuel costs long-term.

HID vs Halogens
Truck bed lighting Installation

Truck Bed  Lighting

Get instant light with the push of a button! Don't fumble around in the dark, just add LED lighting to your rigs truck bed. They are designed to shed light on your cargo space. It makes it easy to find exactly what you're looking for. LED Lights are waterproof and can be connect to any 12 volt power source for auto, boat, SUV, cart or recreational vehicle. It works with all soft and hard tonneaus using strategic under-rail placement to keep the lights protected from shifting cargo.

LED Light Bars

Full size light bars are beneficial in a variety of settings. If you need a compact solution, we carry mini light bars as well. These light bars pack a lot of power in a small space. High-quality LED lights ensure the brightness and visibility when the light bars are turned on, no matter the size. Check out these curved light bar!

Light Bar Installation Binghamton

High quality LED off road light bars help to keep the road well lit when you are in a remote area. No need to work in the dark because these off road lights can help maintain a brighter area to ensure your safety. Choose from full light bars, individual flood lights, or any combination of light bars that will work best for your off road vehicle. Call us to find our latest deals and offers. We want to help you access high-quality products at a price that you can afford. 

Interior lighting Installation

Interior LED Lighting

We offer interior LED lighting that feature a variety of unique lighting effects for endless illumination options. Audioman offers single color lighting kits in blue, red, green, pink, white, orange and purple. We also offer options that have lighting effects, sound activation modes, adjustable brightness levels, and speed levels that can easily be selected using the included wireless remote. You are also able to sync your interior lighting kits to your underbody ground lights. Stop into Audioman to add a little LED illumination to the interior of your vehicle. We install lighting under the dashboard, seats, or footwells. Available in multi-color and single color options.

Underbody LED Lighting

Audioman offers waterproof ground effects and underbody LED lighting in different shades of color. Some kits have sound activation mode, preset lighting patterns, color fading, strobing, color chase modes, and thousands of lighting patterns. Most to all of our lighting modes are completely customizable and can be selected using remote or app. Some of our kits are also expandable and add-on tubes are available. 

Underbody ground effects leds
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